The course was fabulous and I learned many new skills.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  I now have the big melody crystal book and I wish I bought it months ago – Aileen Murray – Bathgate September 2012
I just wanted to say a MASSIVE Thank You! for an amazing journey, into ME!  We had a really lovely group & feel connected to them all.  I can’t wait to meet up again.  Take Care & I will keep in touch… Lots of love & light to you both!  See you soon x Sharon Swann – Manchester August 2012
Just wanted to say thank you again for a truly amazing weekend learnt a lot but there is so much to learn! You are a wonderful teacher Love and light Heather Kendrick – Manchester August 2012
I remember when Anni came to Edinburgh – Gosh I have great memories and the power of the class was nothing short of both surprising and spectacular! – Cathy Moe – Hawaii
It was a magical day in Glasgow at Energise Therapies and I feel blessed to have been part of it, lovely day with lovely people and of course the very special, lovely Anni, much love, Isabella Moffatt – Glasgow June 2012
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop – the whole experience was magical and pretty special.  The energy and the dynamics of the group worked well.  The insight into your background and experiences was fascinating – thank you.  Anne Snodgrass – Glasgow June 2012
Beautifull! ! xx (and that sums it ALL up, really!) – Karin Tischhauser – Glasgow June 2012
Fantastic.  We had a great day with Karin yesterday practicing what you taught us.  I am all set to come on all three days in September.  Looking forward to it. Love Daphne Alexander – Glasgow June 2012
Thank you for a great day the other saturday. i enjoyed the course very much and it was good to learn to use crystals in this way. i hope that you all had a good day on sunday – Simone Clarke – Bathgate June 2012
What a wonderful weekend, Thank you soooo much. You are so inspirational, & I am grateful to have you in my life. Fiona Cox – Bathgate June 2012
A day full of meditation and laughter was the perfect antidote for my head, which is jammed full of technical info for Equine Massage exams on 17th – please send light and positive vibes for then Anni x  Many Thanks – Hayley Drakes – Sprotbrough March 2012
It was a day of opening up to what is possible and great to meet old and new friends.  My journey is taking me on a learning path, its been coming for a while and the crystal workshop was the catalyst I needed to push me forward.  Many many thanks Michelle Swann xx – Sprotbrough March 2012
Thank you for a beautiful day. I really enjoyed it, and learned so much at the same time.  I was quite interested in what you were saying about the grids and metamorphose crystals. I also enjoyed meeting everyone on the course, everyone seemed to be involved in interesting things.  Thank you so much, Wendy Ramsden xx – Sprotbrough March 2012
It was a truly fantastic weekend, everyone interested in crystals and their energy should attend such a course, and with Anni – one of the best teachers I have been on a course with. Thank you xxx Barbara Williams – Manchester April 2011
Hi, thanks for your email and thank you for the lovely crystals, arrived this morning, I’m so happy with them, and lovely wrapping; what a lovely gift and such wonderful meanings. It really did brighten my otherwise quite trying day. With warm wishes, Susanne
It has taken me this long to get chance to put finger to keyboard to say “THANK YOU!” for last Sunday.   It was extrodinarily gracious of you to dedicate that day to “the work” and to allow it to unfold in the way it did. You have put such a lot of work into the planning and delivering, I trust you also got out of the day what you needed.   In the meantime xxxxx keep twinklin’ and hold on to your seatbelts! with Love & Twinkles Xxxxxx Alison Knox – Everyday Angels – Cosmic Event November 2011
Just a quick email to thank you both again for the fabulous Sunday – brilliant and the photos you sent.   Isn’t it wonderful when a group come together and get on so well, have fun and do amazing healing work.  The future looks bright – it looks Naturally Universal!  – George Fryer – The Psychic Artist – Cosmic Event November 2011
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course last weekend.  I had a fantastic time & thought it was a really lovely bunch of people.  There was so much information to absorb which was brilliant.  I’ve loved crystals since I attended my first workshop when I was 15 years old.  What was great for me was the realisation that the way I had been doing it intuitively for the last 20 years wasn’t too far off the mark from the melody method.  I need to tweak things rather than totally transform the way I’ve done it before.  I’m looking forward to now using her method & seeing the fantastic results.  Also the addition of things such as the elimination, actualisation & past life are amazing – Jo Hancock, Glastonbury October 2010
Had the most profound and personally shifting weekend I have had in a looooong time. Big thanks Anni for your wisdom and down to earth clarity on the Melody LIITE training this last weekend. I am so pleased that I came and did it. There is so much to take in and absorb properly and learn learn learn ..thankyou so much and looking forward to meeting again. Fiona Dilston Manchester, August 2010
I really enjoyed the course on Saturday and it helped lift my energy level enormously… The book is now making sense and am looking forward to doing the 2nd day.  Diane Nolan – Manchester Aug 2010
Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work. I really loved the content of the course, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you too!!  It was full of laughs and learning, and what a special venue!  lots of love Diane Clark Glastonbury Chalice Well, August 2010
What a life changing experience we all had on this course at the weekend!  Thank you Anni for your wonderful instruction and sense of humour which made more than 20 hours of learning in 2 days seem like mere minutes!  Anne-Marie Westwood, Glastonbury Chalice Well August 2010
Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, Chalice Well and being a part of The Goddesses celebration for life and love. It was a wonderful experience. With thanks to everyone who made it so special, particularly Anni who inspired to further aspire to the light within. With love always, Sue Dicker xxx Glastonbury Chalice Well August 2010
Hi Anni, thank you for your teaching, your patience and your friendship. I learnt so very much and had a truly wonderful weekend. I brought so much back home from the experience and The Goddess Celebration was amazing wasn’t it! x  Brightest blessings to everyone I met in Glastonbury and all those who took part in the weekend, Anni sincere gratitude,  with much love Liesl Hopkins. xxx  Glastonbury, Chalice Well August 2010
Radiating love light and a giddy amount of happiness, I thank you both for all that you are and have awakened for so many of us, may your radiant lights continue to shine infinitely as divine inspiration! Emma Holman – Chalice Well, Nov09

….we were really happy that you came to Malindi last weekend bringing your amazing crystal information and teachings for those who came to share with you. I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed the learning and experiencing the special magic you have. I am looking forward to you coming here again next year and we have arranged a date in August. If anyone else reads this, I thoroughly recommend that you come along to learn this great system of crystal healing. It is needed in our new age of higher energies and deeper more profound knowledge. Lots of love and Omni Stephanie @ Malindi, Carmarthen, Wales
Hi-ya Anni. As always your never fail to inspire,if there were more like you we all would be so much more happier. Thank you for the certificate how my face lit up like a thousand suns and more. Thank you for being you..Looking forward to seeing you in March..Inniss xx @ Malindi, Carmarthen, Wales
It was really great to have you share your gifts here in Croi Anu. Blessings, Mary Pat @ Croi Anu, Moone, Kildare Oct09.

I’m truly blessesed for having a great teacher that week end to aid me on my journey and also to have met some awesome people. Blessed be guys! Siobhan – Kildare Oct09

Anni, I really enjoyed the weekend, I felt extremelly exhausted for a whole week afterwards, but then the lightness started to take over, lots of healing took place, & still happening… I guess that for my journey, the weekend was at the right time & the right place, with the right teacher & the right friends for me to be able to shift & heal stuff. … Thank you so much!! – Adela – Kildare Oct09

I did the Melody Practitioner course at the start of this August, taught by Anni at Chalice Well, Glastonbury. It was a beautiful, energising, humbling, amazing, transformative experience, and I am still in the process of taking in all I learned over the two days. It was also a lovely group to be part of, really positive, sharing, supportive… Ali – Chalice Well Aug09
I just wanted to say, thanks for a wonderful weekend at the chalice well learning Melody`s love is in the earth. I know I will go onto to do great things with these teachings. I really enjoyed myself and really liked your way of teaching and interacting with everyone. I have since felt more empowered and also inspired to take part in learning more about Tibetan pulsing, as they say one thing always leads onto another!  Rebecca – Glastonbury, Chalice Well August 2009

Just wanted to say thank you so much for this weekend. You were just great, I feel privilaged to have taken part in the course. I know a wonderful journey has begun for me and I am ready for whatever it entails. Katherine – Sheffield Aug09

I found the workshop to be excellent and you have helped me on my spiritual and conscious evolution. I look forward to meeting you agian in October when you return to Edinburgh. Peace and light x Marc – Edinburgh, June09

What a beautiful morning after an amazing weekend. You will now be on your way back home and after a night of dreams I feel that I must just thank you for the overwhelming experience. The place and people made the energy intense and everything just made sense. Several times I felt ‘I know that’ and when I met you I felt that I knew you from somewhere – who knows. I will just work things out. – Ann – Essex May 2009

Yes it was a truly amazing weekend and it has touched me in ways that I am only begining to explore and certainly don’t understand yet… It was a privilege to be part of this very special group of people and I know we all meet up again. Love ,light and blessings – Gail X X – Essex May 2009
To thank you for another, fun, entertaining, and wonderfully enlightening weekend – as ever my head is just buzzing with thoughts, ideas, information and inspiration – thank you. – Martin – Sheffield May 2009

It was An Amazing journey and only the beginning…. many thanks for the inspiration and look forward to meeting again very soon… Jackie Sheffield May09

Annie is an excellent teacher and I feel that I learnt much more than I expected . Velda – Chalice Well, Glastonbury April 2009.

It was a wonderful group, i really enjoyed the workshop, it really was great and I learnt soooo much. It was lovely to have Annie as our teacher, what a great weekend and met some wonderful people on the workshop. Melanie Chalice Well April09

Thank You so much and Thanks To Anni for unforgettable experience. Bright Blessings Aneta – Chalice Well April 09

Thank you for such an amazing course (and journey) over this weekend. Is lovely how the pieces all seem to fit into place at the perfect time….. your teaching was very clear and comprehensive and I already have a number of very willing volunteers ready for me to practice on! Sian – Manchester March 2009

It took me a full week for me to process (mentally and physically) all that happened at the chalice well workshop, but I can now honestly say that it was a truly life changing experience. Thankyou! We are all hoping to meet up again soon and it will be lovely to share experiences with my new friends. I know that when I have practised the arrays for a while, I will be back for a refresher, so will look out on the website for next year’s dates and also for the new workshops for delving deeper into Melody’s revelations. Jo – Chalice Well Oct08

Practicing has been great fun and my “subjects” have been enjoying it a lot. I have done lots of chakra arrays, but as well a few of the others. And what the best is, I am trying now other arrays of Melody’s book. I have never done this before, because it looked so complicated. But now, after the class, it is no more complicated. I really enjoy working and playing with my crystals. And my wife likes to get treated. Klaus – Chalice Well August 2008

Anni is a wonderful teacher showing true sensitivity, understanding and love for crystals and people. Everything I learnt and experienced was extremely interesting and resonated at a profound level. I came away from the weekend feeling very positive and knowing my life had been enhance in a special way. A wonderful way to grow, to help yourself and to help others. Anni is a great lady teaching a great course.’ Elosie – Glasgow August 2008

Been teaching crystal therapy at college… which I love, and I feel that Melody Crystals has added much more depth and edge to my work … it’s just such a beautiful way of melding and working with the stones, I feel really lucky to have done the training , and especially to have done it with such a great bunch of people! It has totally altered the way I work with crystals, – Karin Glasgow August 2008

I’ve been practising frequently and lot’s of my friends have been interested with the past life ascension. I’ve found it very interesting to witness and also really enjoy doing it. I’ve found that the knowledge that i have gained from the weekend workshop alone has made me a more confident lecturer, so thanks once again. – Vicki Glasgow August 2008

Just wanted to let you know that the level 1 and 2 was a brilliant experience for me. It has been the catalyst for a different state of mind for me. I have been so blocked in spiritual sence and am experiencing a new freedom. Lorna: Glasgow August 2008

I really enjoyed the workshop and use the crystal grids for the other therapies I do as well as the crystal meditations. I am part of a reiki practitioner group who volunteer to give reiki sessions for charitable donations and place a crystal grid around the room to enhance the energy. I can certainly feel a difference. I am now trying to build up my collection of crystals. Every morning I drink a crystal elixir which gives me a great start to the day. Linda – Edinburgh June 2008

I am sure all those in our group knew we were about to experience something very special as we had chosen to spend a weekend studying Crystal Healing at Chalice Well Glastonbury. The laying-on-of-stones Laying-on-of-hands workshops really is an amazing course. It is quite literally two days of education, wonder, friendship, appreciation, understanding and love. As a group of nine students we all bonded and laughed and learnt well together. We learnt from our teacher and from each other and shared both knowledge and smiles throughout the weekend. Over the two days I found myself extremely happy as my understanding and knowledge of crystals constantly grew. I feel blessed to have learnt such methods of crystal healing and to define my knowledge of the stones. The learning we do on the outside has a beautiful way of shaping our inside. I do believe this course is so well tuned for students because of the love and teachings of Anni. What a wonderful woman this teacher is and how thankful we were to have her teaching us. Anni’s wisdom shone a light over the whole weekend and I felt amazed by her awareness and love of crystals. I am very very appreciative of all that I learnt and felt whilst studying and I now confidently take with me new tools so as to heal myself and those around me. Lisa Bavidge: Chalice Well 25 / 26 May 2008

My love for crystals brought me to Melody’s Love is in the Earth and after countless butterfly’s flew around me whilst reading the book I decided to follow an intellectual and spiritual path of Melody’s Practitioner Course. The teaching over the 2 days ahs begun a strong foundation for healing in my life. I found gifts and obstacles within myself which develop and resolve long after the 2 day period. In life there are rare times on meeting a person who is a true teacher, who you will never forget, who’s words resonate. I was lucky enough to experience this with Anni on Melody’s Practitioner Certification Course last winter. April – Ossett November 2007

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thankyou so much for providing the weekend course in Harrogate. I learnt so much. I have started to practise every day and am really feeling to differences already. I loved the way you taught – very grounded but full of wisdom and light and also full of fun!!! I can’t wait to complete the course and will be intouch to confirm when I can join you all at the Chalice Well!! Karen – Harrogate 2008

I found both the course and the general comments (if not for me/ everything is exactly as it should be etc) amazingly powerful. They hit the spot for me on the day and also since then!. Rom – Ossett November 2007

I had been wishing to use crystals in healing for some time now and I was delighted to pick up a leaflet about Anni’s courses at a local MBS fair. What I had difficulty in grasping was that a two day course could provide me with the wherewithall to practice on other people. I was, of course, proved wrong. Anni shared a vast amount of knowlege, both her own and Melody’s, and at the end of the weekend I felt totally confident in my ability to work with crystals – to the extent that I immediately did a chakra balancing on my husband. His contented snores towards the end of the treatment confirmed my confidence in all that I had learnt. Thank you Anni and Cindy for all that you do to assist us crystal friends in our work and play. Eileen – Ossett November 2007

Thank you for my certificate. Wonderful I so enjoyed the crystal weekend. It was so inspiring and i learned so much. I thoroughly enjoyed working with friends of same aims and we are planning to get together on a regular basis in Edinburgh . Joan – Edinburgh 2007

Wow, what an experience that was, the weekend was packed with fascinating information and the layouts were amazing. Be prepared for a lot of hard work. I have put the layouts into practice as soon as I could, and achieved wonderful, powerful results. Thank you Anni and Cindy for your ongoing advice. Debbie – Durham October 2007

I have just completed the melody crystal course. It open up the magic of crystals even further than I thought possible. The crystal healing is a very powerful tool for healing both the body and the emotions. Don’t be fooled it is a very challenging course and when completed you feel you have really achieved something. Anni was a fab teacher and i was very privileged to cross paths with her. Shelly – Durham 2007

Dear Anni, I just want to say a big Thank You for such a wonderful weekend. It was powerful stuff and absolutely amazing – I loved every minute of it. This work compliments my angel work perfectly – it is beautiful. You are such a goddess and a wonderful teacher. Thank you Anni, it was a pleasure and an honour to learn from you. Flavia-Kate – Manchester 2007

A mere ‘Thank you’ does not seem enough to express how your course has affected my life. The weekend was not just a learning experience it was a life changing one. I can only liken the whole weekend in Glastonbury to a domino chain.. each one breaking down another barrier and opening up a new connection, new doors, new ways. Anni is a dedicated, lovely lady who inspires with her knowledge and confidence. Thanks to Cindy for all the efficient behind the scenes work to ensure this was a most wonderful experience which will have the ‘knock on effect’ of changing the lives of many people. I got straight into using the layouts and have had extremely positive response and results. My confidence in the efficacy and use of crystals has magnified immensely. The group was wonderful to spend time with and I hope to keep in touch. Namaste, Maurita – Chalice Well 2007

My experience of the Melody course with Anni was such a beautiful one! i thought that anni’s teaching skills were clear and heart felt, she obviously loves what she does! when you are being taught so many things in such a short space of time, there is always that thought in the back of your mind that thinks you wont be able to retain all the information, however, anni made every experience memorable and special, it felt like she was teaching just me! thankyou so much! Kat – Chalice Well 2007

I had only recently become interested in the power and properties of crystals before taking the course and was just reading up about the stones as I bought them. The crystal course swept me forward into a far deeper understanding of crystals and myself. Set in a very peaceful and uplifting environment we worked through the crytal arrays and explored the etheral realms, I learnt very much in the two days and know the experience is something that can grown in me for a long time to come. Stephanie – Glasgow 2007

This course was very powerful. A lot of information. So many issues came up to the surface for clearing, and healing during the workshop.We were taught how to use our crystals and with the help of those crystals we were able to do a lot of healing on ourselves as well as our ‘partner’. Anette – Chalice Well 2007

I LOVE working with crystals. I have been interested in them since I was a child. Anni’s workshop opened up a whole new path for me, for which I am most greatful. Sue – Chalice Well, July07

I just wanted to say thank you for a most enlightening course, I really enjoyed it, and am looking forward to practising and learning more as I work with the methods. Yvonne – Chalice Well 2007

From the moment I enquired about the course I felt that I was very welcome and well informed. The feedback from you has been excellent and the phone call from Anni before the start of the course added an extra special touch. I feel that the course I attended has been a blessing and a wonderful enhancement to my life. I hope to study with Anni again someday. Sarah – Chalice Well 2007

What a fantastic weekend, we didn’t think we could learn so much in such a short space of time. We are really looking forward to being able to put our new skills into practice! and what a fabulous setting it was to learn in as well, it just added to the spirituality of the whole experience. Jenni and Sue – Chalice Well 2007

The course at Mossley was great! Not really knowing what to expect, only greatly excited, I really enjoyed all aspects of the two days! Anni is totally unique, the knowledge and commitment is there for all to see and benefit from. This opens the doors to study further and gain more insight into Melody’s work. Julia – Manchester 2007

I found the course very powerful. It was lovely to work with such energy. I learnt a lot and integrated a lot of new ideas into my life. I did the course over 2 separate weekends and I could really see the changes I had made. It really helped me on my spiritual journey of self development. I would recommend it to anyone!!! It was a privilage to work with you, Anni, and look forward to doing so again in the future! Kat – Ednburgh 2007

I am pleased to have this opportunity to express my appreciation for a wonderful, informative and experiential workshop. Anni is an excellent facilitator and guide. Her knowledge and insights into the world of crystals is endless. To partake in one of her classes, is to come away feeling inspired and excited to develop an even greater awareness of the world of crystals. Thank you Anni. Judith – Chalice Well 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anni for the fantastic 2 days training. I feel that apart from the birth of my daughter and my wedding day, that the 2 days spent with you have been the most important in my life. Everybody that I have spoken say that the y haveseen an amazing change in me as a person. I can genuinely say that I feel as if I have been “re-born”. This may sound really cheesey but it is the way I feel. So I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart and from the top of my higher self !! Adrian – Otley 2006

I found the course very comprehensive and packed full of information. There was a lot to take in but Anni made it entertaining and interesting. Christine – Rotherham 2006

Within minutes of meeting Anni for the first time on her ‘Crystal Healing Workshop’ I knew I was in for a treat. Her warmth and infectious enthusiasm led us through a fascinating and empowering journey of discovery. As we connected with the power of the crystals and fell under the ir spell, Anni guided us patiently through the exercises, adding lively anecdotes to enhance the learning. But we weren’t just learning to heal with crystals. There seemed to be a lot of deep inner-healing going on, and for me I feel it’s continued long after the workshop ended. I can hardly wait until we get together again in the New Year! Helen – Edinburgh 2006

Anni is a real find. A true treasure. This woman is more genuine and courageous and fun than you can believe. Except, believe it! In this day and age of multi-level new age marketing, Anni brings the whole crystal healing experience down to Earth – with mind-blowing results! She works on as many levels as you can play on, all the while smiling and encouraging and intuitively giving each student what they need. Cathy – Edinburgh 2006

I took this course with an open and eager, heart and mind. It seemed that I had been searching for this for so long, but this time was right. Anni is a wonderful, supportive teacher, with a great deal of warmth and knowledge, and a considerable inner healing began whilst I was there. This has continued since at a most productive level, helping me further down my path. Cindy has also been most helpful, with answers to my questions. Being with such like minded people was no coincidence, and we are all staying in touch to support each other. Learning the various arrays, and ways of working with the crystals was a great journey, and has given me confidence to work with these gifts from the earth. It felt like I was’ remembering what I had forgotten’.Thank you. Val – Chalice Well 2006

Thankyou so much for a wonderful course. The two days were full on, so much to learn and yet all thats needed is to connect with the quiet space within. What bliss! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment – it has lit a fire within me, all the crystals in our home are glowing and are thankful i did the course too! We have practised a lot of the arrays here at home and i am delighted that my mind has this capacity, i used to doubt it. They Journey is continuing, Catherine – Chalice Well 2006

I found the course very enlightening and affirming as I have worked with crystals for 17 years now. I enjoyed the company of Anni and the rest of the participants and found Anni’s teaching manner very informative, nuturing and encouraging. The atmosphere of the group was relaxed and focussed and I will enjoy keeping in touch with the group and getting together at a later stage. Thankyou for the great work that you are both doing. Leigh – Chalice Well 2006

When Anni said the weekend would be a life changing experience I thought she was exaggerating. It turned out to be exactly that, I never thought that I could experience such a massive change in such a short space of time. It was a truly amazing weekend. Samantha – Chalice Well 2006

Thank you! Well done! That’s fantastic! There are no mistakes! That’s perfect! These are all words that Anni used throughout the weekend to support our class in our growth and learning. I’d now use some of them to thank her wholeheartedly for everything she did to support me throughout my experience. The course was professionally run making sure that this was a truly “enlightening” encounter; Anni is an excellent teacher and Cindy is fantastic; providing answers to the many questions that you may have both prior to and after the course. The methods taught are easy to remember and become second nature very quickly. I now love every minute of putting them into practice. I’d have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this event to anyone with a passion for crystals and who wishes to learn how to use them. Alison – Chalice Well 2006

I have been involved in what I light heartedly call the “Funny Stuff” (mystic / psychic / holistic / healing / divination etc) for 22 years as matter of Ernest study and practice. I do not dish out compliments lightly as I have heard so very much along all these lines from so many sources; but the Melody Workshops really have been effective! Immediate and substantial positive change using what is for me a simple, practical and uncomplicated approach to what is to many a very complex subject. As Anni said at the beginning of the workshops “You only have to allow, and it’s up to you to be the Gateless Gate”. Please if you take the course, when Anni says these words embrace them, you won’t regret it. Roger – Chalice Well 2006

A few of my friends thought the course was expensive, they were wrong. I have not been on a course that packed so much knowledge into such a short space of time. The all important chakra balancing, the gateless gate and the journeys to find or loose something you need or no longer need. Everything explained in simple to understand everyday language. Sue – Chalice Well 2006

Just wanted to say many many thanks for such a wonderful workshop. I enjoyed every minute of them and feel I’ve learnt so much. The journeys are exactly what I’ve been looking for to bring into healing sessions. This is something that I really feel excited about…and the ideas you brought into the sessions really resonated with me. So thanks for a fantastic learning experience and some fabulous tools to work with. It’s been lovely to learn from you. Nikki – Stoke 2006

The workshop I took with you will stay with me forever. It was the piece of the jigsaw that had been missing for quite some time. You can learn a lot from books and your higher self, but nothing compares to working with a teacher by your side who has tried and tested the methods used. I will use this knowledge, that I have gained form you with the love that it was given. Already I am finding that I am learning important lessons about myself as I knew I would when I was working with the crystals so closely. I will in my heart be forever grateful for what you have shared with me. Maria – Stoke 2006

Just a little note to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop. I am going to be able to incorporate some of the crystal arrays in my healings. Some of the information you gave us will have a lifelong effect on me. I have attended crystal courses before but they were not so indepth or informative as this one. Alan – Stoke 2006

I am sending a big thank you for allowing me to complete the Melody Crystal Therapy Workshop -I learned a lot and I will continue on my journey to do my very best as a lightworker. Marie – Edinburgh 2006

Know you enjoyed teaching our course as much as we enjoyed taking it. Lynn – Edinburgh 2006

Thank you for an interesting weekend in Glastonbury – I really enjoyed myself, and have already started using some of the techniques with my clients! Elizabeth – Chalice Well 2006

Many Thanks for a great weekend, it was hard work but worth it. I have started revising what we did so that it is all clear in my head before I try anymore. I hope we meet again someday. All the best till then. Margaret – Chalice Well 2006

Thankyou for my certificate which arrived safe and sound. There’s something of the WOW! factor about it. It’s all so exciting!! Being Autumn, usually things are winding down and looking for quiet and rest, but it seems to me that the energy is building up still. We had a lovely time in Glastonbury , and when staying at the Chalice Well, met a lady harpist. She played us the most beautiful song about the Magdalene. There was definitely something ethereal about that whole weekend. Thankyou for the course, I am really glad I did it. Sheila – Chalice Well 2005

I have to say what a wonderful learning weekend it was. Anni is a very special lady and a truly inspired and gifted teacher. We all seemed to merge beautifully as a group and blossomed individually as the weekend progressed. I am looking forward to putting my new learning into practise in order to discover for myself just how powerful this work really is. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you and Anni for having the courage and the inspiration to go out into the world to teach and inspire others. Jacqui – Rotherham 2005

I really enjoyed the crystal healing workshop and it was a life changing experience. Jo – Glasgow 2005

Just to let you know the course was brilliant learn’t so much and am putting it into practice already. Angela – Manchester 2005.

Thankyou for opening up the world of crystals to me and good luck and lots of love with your brilliant work. Caroline – Manchester 2005

My journey has begun to have much greater depth and the arrays have added another dimension which I am learning to dance with. The journey continues with great joy. Thank you for being there and making the healing ripples grow larger. It was the right time for me. Annie – Chalice Well 2005
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